International Conferences on Sovereign Bond Markets

(timetables according to London time)


Thursday, September 17 2020

1.00 pm Session 1: Welcoming Remarks & Keynote Speech
1.00 pm Welcoming Remarks: Andrew Bailey, Governor, Bank of England
Chair: Iryna Kaminska, Bank of England
1.10 pm Keynote Speech: Still the World’s Safe Haven? Redesigning the U.S. Treasury Market After the COVID19 Crisis
Darrell Duffie, Stanford University
Chair: Paolo Pasquariello, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
1.55 _pm Coffee break
2.05 _pm Session 2: QE and its FX Effects
Chair: Iryna Kaminska, Bank of England
2.05 pm Effectiveness and Addictiveness of Quantitative Easing
Peter Karadi, European Central Bank & CEPR (joint with Anton Nakov)
Discussant: Richard Harrison, Bank of England
2.50 pm A Preferred-Habitat Model of Term Premia and Currency Risk
Walker Ray, London School of Economics (joint with Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Dimitri Vayanos)
Discussant: Corey Garriott, Bank of Canada
3.35 pm Medium Term Treatment and Side Effects of Quantitative Easing: International Evidence
Livio Stracca, European Central Bank (joint with Roland Beck and Ioana Duca-Radu)
Discussant: Filip Zikes, Federal Reserve Board
4.20 pm Coffee break
4.30 pm Session 3: Trade and Network Effects in the OTC Bond Markets
Chair: Andrea Buraschi, Imperial College
4.30 pm Clients’ Connections - Measuring the Role of Private Information in Decentralised Markets
Gábor Pintér, Bank of England (joint with Péter Kondor)
Discussant: Davide Tomio, Darden University of Virginia
5.15 pm Contagion in Dealer Networks
Adrian Walton, Bank of Canada (joint with Jean-Sébastien Fontaine)
Discussant: Michael Schneider, Bundesbank
6.00 pm Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign Debt
Nicola Borri, LUISS Universityd (joint with Kirill Shakhnov)
Discussant: Virginia Gianinazzi, University of Lugano
6.45 pm

Close of day's programme


Friday, September 18, 2020

1.45 pm Session 4: Conversation & Panel Discussion
1.45 pm Conversation with Ben Broadbent, Bank of England
2.15 pm Panel Discussion (private, by invitation only): “The Role of Government Bonds asRisk-free Assets in a Pandemic”
Chair: Marti Subrahmanyam, NYU Stern

Gaston Gelos, International Monetary Fund
Cornelia Holthausen, European Central Bank
Giuseppe Maraffino, Barclays
Jan Vlieghe, Bank of England
Jessica Pulay, United Kingdom Debt Management Office

3.30 pm Coffee break
3.45 pm Session 5: Safe Assets and Financial Stability in Times of Turmoil
Chair: Loriana Pelizzon, SAFE-Goethe University Frankfurt
3.45 pm Optimal Bailouts with the Doom Loop and Financial Contagion
Felix C. Corell, European University Institute (joint with Agostino Capponi and Joseph E. Stiglitz)
Discussant: Dimitri Vayanos, London School of Economics, CEPR & NBER
4.30 pm Agency MBS as Safe Assets
Zhaogang Song, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (joint with Zhiguo He)
Discussant: Steve Schaefer, London Business School
5.15 pm Benchmark Interest Rates when the Government is Risky
Patrick Augustin, McGill University (joint with Mikhail Chernov, Lukas Schmid and Dongho Song)
Discussant: Nina Boyarchenko, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
6.00 pm

Closing Remarks



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