We are a network of people
We promote the aggregtion of ideas
The group makes the difference
Inspired by the challenges


GRETA is a network of people and organizations born in 1990 to give a qualified response to the growing demand for analysis and forecasts in the various fields of economic and social, national and international life. The network makes the necessary skills immediately available to deal with the questions arising from the production and service sectors, proposing answers based on the most recent methodological acquisitions in these fields: economic, econometric, statistical, business scientific research and on their interdisciplinarity.

We propose ourselves as an advanced Study Centre of any private entity, company or bank, or any public institution that needs to analyze, with operational results, problems directly related to their objectives. Thus, our clients avoid implementing and maintain study centres, often characterized by rigid structures, not updated skills, and high-cost components.


We encourage new aggregations or groups, even informal, for the development of research and consultancy activities.

We carry out methodological consultancy in applied quantitative analysis to solve management problems faced by industrial companies, financial and credit sector.

We carry out evaluations of companies with innovative models.

We organize advanced professional training courses.


GRETA is led by its president, Domenico Sartore, with the support of a Scientific Committee made up of professors of economics, finance, econometrics, statistics and economic statistics of international renown. The Finance Committee every month meets to discuss the national and international economic and political situation, and it defines its view for the developments of the following twelve months.

GRETA associates, researchers, university professors and professionals stably collaborate to define and implement projects and services.

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Dorsoduro 3707
30123, Venice
Tel: +39 349 060 3656