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GRETA provides evaluations of Community programs (ex-ante, in-itinere, ex-post) to improve their strategy and implementation concerning specific problems or issues characterizing and involving States, Regions, and the quality, effectiveness and coherence of the interventions co-financed by the European Funds.

In the field of evaluation of Community programs, GRETA boasts vast experience gained since the 1994-1999 programming period.

The evaluation process adopted involves a plurality of quantitative and qualitative methods, techniques and tools, which can be combined to answer the evaluation questions most properly.

Efficiency & Effectivness Analysis

Operational efficiency and effectiveness assessments mainly refer to data and indicators of implementation and procedural, physical and financial progress of the program (considering both common and comparable output and result indicators at European level and program-specific ones).

Strategic Evaluation

Strategic evaluations which, in addition to the result indicators and monitoring data, consider above all qualitative-quantitative methods and techniques based on ad hoc surveys and statistical/econometric analysis of the data, to highlight the results of the program and its contribution to the achievement of the programming objectives

Impact Evaluation

Impact assessments aimed to "capture the effects" that the program was able to generate. This type of evaluation highlights why and how the effect occurred and determine to what extent it is due to the implementation of the program or its specific intervention (net effect), estimating what would have happened in its absence (counterfactual approach)


Bruna Zolin
Bruna Zolin
Founding partner, Scientific Committee Member and Area Manager
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Recent pubblications in this area

  • Sustainability in Peripheral and Ultra-Peripheral Rural Areas through a Multi-Attribute Analysis: The Case of the Italian Insular Region

    Zolin M B, Ferretti P, Grandi M 
  • Lifelong Learning Policy and Regional Development: Evidence from an EU Case Study

    Volo F, Drigo A, Zolin M B, Sartore D
  • European and Chinese Consumers' Attitude for Food with Reduced Use of Chemicals: Results from a Survey

    Mazzarolo M, Ferraro G, Zolin M B, Mannino I 
  • Relationships among sustainability dimensions: evidence from an Alpine area case study using Dominance-based Rough Set Approach

    Ferretti P, Zolin M B, Ferraro G 

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